Abaqus FEA Cantilever Beam

A 3D cantilever beam with solid elements was modelled on abaqus and the deflections were calculated. Repeating the analysis on Abaqus using different numbers of elements and element types gave a comparison of results.

Dimensions and loading of beam element

1, 2 and 5 elements were modeled for each element type:

  • C3D8l elements: 1 st order, 8-noded elements.
  • B23 elements: cubic interpolations, do not allow transverse shear deformation.
  • B22 elements: quadratic interpolations, allow transverse shear stress.
  • B21 elements: linear interpolations, allows transverse shear deformation.
    Example of displacement results output from 1 B23 element

    Theoretical calculations carried out using knowledge from mechanics and statics courses.
    This was compared with test data to produce to provide percentage errors in computational analysis.


Skills developed:

  • Developed familiarity with abaqus FEA analysis
  • Understanding of need to check analysis with hand calculations
  • Understanding necessity to efficiently model when carrying out a computational FEA to save computing power, time and money.

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