ANSYS Bracket Investigation

This investigation demonstrated key areas of Finite Element Analysis through a bracket problem using ANSYS and Workbench in conjunction with a knowledge of various subjects discussed in the FEA course.

Consideration taken for modelling included; analysis type, problem type, element type, DOF, boundary conditions, mesh intensity plan.

Geometry and global mesh were developed (below):

The model was constrained at the wall and loads were placed on the flat surface and circular hole

Max displacement at free end = 405E-06 in.
Max Mises stress occurrs at the bottom right fillet of the slot = 895.236 psi.
Min Mises stress occurs at the free end of the bracket = 3.6669 psi.

Mesh Sensitivity analysis:

Global element size reduced from 0.2 to 0.1 and refinement is produced around stress concentration areas (sharp corners).


Max Mises stress increased 895.236 psi to 947.769 psi (increasing ~ 6%).
Max deformation changes negligibly.

Solution compared to hand calculations to provide evidence and similarity when verifying the results.

Calculations verify ANSYS experimental results.

Skills developed:

  • Introduction to ANSYS
  • Understanding of FEA problems and need to verify with calculations
  • Understanding of benefits of mesh sensitivity and refinement.

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