Folding Bicycle Project

This team design project required conceptualising, designing and bringing to market a folding bicycle.

This involved:

  • Identifying a gap in the folding bike market
  • Conceptualising a design to fill this area
  • Assessing the functional requirements of the bike.
  • Analysing specifications to achieve the desired functions.
  • Consideration into how parts will be manufactured.
  • Modelling parts on CAD software.
  • Carrying out a cost analysis based on manufacturing 1 and 100 bikes.
  • Presenting our final design to an audience.

A house of quality was utilised in order to focus on key areas of our design to make it successful in comparison to existing products on the market

House of Quality

Affordability, weight, compactness, portability, manoeuvrability, comfort, safety, appearance and maintenance were all considered in the early design stages.

Technical specifications and morphological analysis were carried out before completing a detailed design and CAD drawings of parts.

Parts were discussed, sketched, redesigned then agreed upon once they were deemed to meet consumer requirements.

Final design shown below:

Skills developed:

  • In depth product development.
  • Exploration of relationship between targeted quality and┬ádesign constraints.
  • Ability to take product from idea to market.

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